Saturday, November 6, 2010

Santa baby

I have 28 minutes left to post today! Don't think I forgot about you, lovely readers, because I didn't! It has been a hectic day.

Dani had her first visit with Santa today. I know it seems a little early, but my mom is in a group that always hosts a holiday bazaar this weekend and they always have Santa. And he's a good Santa, too. You know, the kind with a real beard.

I always insist on a real beard for our Santa pictures. In fact, two different years I have been at a different aunt's house for Christmas and seen the grandkids Santa pictures with a good Santa and we have gone to their local mall to get that Santa. Crazy, I am. But I hate the fake beard Santa. One year, we actually waited in line for an hour for the awesome Santa. Did I mention I'm crazy?

Thankfully, neither of my kids have had that aversion to the man in red that I've seen and heard about in other children. That could be because my dad has a white beard. Although his is pretty short and he's not chubby like Santa, I think it's enough of a similarity in looks that they don't flip out. Jay has actually looked at Santa with a puzzled look on his face before and said "Ga-Ga." (BTW Jay's pet name for his Grampa is Ga-Ga)

I promise to share the picture of Miss Dani with Santa soon, but I actually had to have mom pick them up when they were ready so that I could make a dash to Menard's for more much needed remodeling supplies. I'm pretty sure that one more trip to Lowe's will finish off everything we need to finish this house! I can't wait to share the finished project with you all!

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