Monday, November 8, 2010

missed a day

Well, I knew it would happen. I just didn't think I would miss a day of NaBloPoMo in the first week. I don't know if I should apologize to myself or to you, my lovelies.

I will say that I had a pretty good reason. I painted Jay's new room yesterday. Then I set up the dining room in the new house and refinished both the dining room and our bedroom floors. Then I came home and ate terribly tasty Little Caesar's with my boys, made a trip to Wal-mart and watched Toy Story 3. It was a very busy day. I think I also cleaned out the smaller sun room, which will be the kids toy room.

I had been wondering if the small sunroom that is connected to both Jay's room and our room would be warm enough in the winter to be a toy room, even though it is hooked into the HVAC system and has two vents. Well, I need worry no more. When I opened one of the doors yesterday to finish cleaning stuff out of there, it was a good 30 degrees warmer than the rest of the house. And it was only 50 degrees yesterday. So no worries about the kids freezing in the winter while playing toys.

Did I mention that I got my fancy new rugs on Saturday? Oh lord, when I was fluffing the shag on the dining room rug yesterday, I've decided that is the greatest rug in the world! I threatened to roll around on it before Micah and Erin brought in my dining room table.

I can tell you now, in all honesty, that I am actually looking forward to the new house. I no longer have that sense of dread in the pit of my stomach. Other than the kitchen, it actually looks like my house now!

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