Friday, June 18, 2010

Stupid Car

After much careful planning and consideration last night, it was decided that I would go run my errands today with my dear friend Christina. Because I am so not brave enough to go out into the world yet with two kids that can't walk.

I fed Jay breakfast, sent Micah off to work, and got Dani dressed. At this point, I decided to load the car. I went out, like I always do, and put the diaper bag in the car, put my Diet Mountain Dew in the cup holder and the keys in the ignition.  The I remembered that I had two strollers in the trunk and I better take them out so I could get groceries (and new baby clothes!).

My Malibu has doors that are supposed to automatically lock when I put the car in gear and unlock when I turn off the ignition. Let me say now that they only work about half the time anymore and my car isn't that old.

But I learned today that putting the key in the ignition and then popping the trunk apparently does make my car doors lock. Because when I went out 3 minutes later to put Jay in the car, his door was locked. I thought maybe I had hit the lock when I was picking up his shoe off of the car floor. So I tried the driver's door. Then the passenger door. Finally, Dani's door.

Nothing. They were all locked. And the only set of keys in the house were locked in their with my phone, too.

I couldn't just unlock the doors and I couldn't call Micah. I started to panic. It was absolutely imperative that I run errands today because it would be the last shred of free time I had until Wednesday.

I had to get creative. I got on facebook and turned on chat to see who was online. Thankfully a mutual friend of Micah and I was, so I had her call him. He hadn't left the depot yet, so he came home in his way to the route and let me in. And he wasn't even mad!

Lesson learned, From now on anytime my keys are in the car a door will be open.

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