Friday, June 4, 2010

On killing an old friend

I have officially done it. I'm a murdered, at least according to my husband. I killed his Xbox 360.

While I was home on bed rest at the end of my pregnancy, I discovered that I could watch every season of Law and Order Criminal Intent instantly on Netflix through the Xbox. I may have spent upwards of 12 hours a day doing so. And a week later, Micah may have turned on the Xbox only to receive the ominous 'Red Ring of Death." Oops.

Micah was brokenhearted because he couldn't play his new game. I was devastated because I had 7 more season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer to watch.

So I got Netflix to send me a disk so that I can watch Netflix on the Wii. We are now in season five of Buffy. Our Wii has never gotten this much use in the year we've had it.


  1. Thats funny. We have the disc for ps3... and it failed us... got too much use I suppose, we had another sent worked for a few days and also died. Tried it about a week later and it worked again.

    About to xbox360 we too had the ring of death and we looked online and filled out forms sent it away w/o harddrive and they sent us a refurbished one a week or two later... only problem... it started over-heating... my husband now sticks with the ps3. microsoft has alot of work to do.

  2. RIP XBox...

    I had no idea you could watch DVDs on the Wii. Cool.