Saturday, May 8, 2010

On Daddy alone for the first time

Last Thursday I was released from the hospital. I had a few prescriptions to fill and we needed groceries, so I decided to brave Meijer 4 hours after I was released from the hospital. Maybe a little crazy, but after being cooped up in a hospital for 4 days I was excited for an opportunity to get out by myself, have a diet Mountain Dew and stroll through the grocery aisles.

Micah stayed home with Jay and Dani. I didn't think anything too crazy could happen. And then I called on my way home. Mind you, I was gone less than an hour. And in that hour, all kid heck broke loose.

Jay had decided that he wasn't going to poop while he was at Nana and Ga-Ga's house. Why, I'm not really sure. But being home for an hour was ample opportunity for him to remove his clothes and diaper and poop on the bedroom floor. Micah found him quickly and cleaned up the mess and put him in the tub.

After Jay's bath, Dani was waking up and Micah was getting Jay a diaper when Jay decided that it was a good time to pee the bed. Micah said he turned around from the diaper stacker and Jay was peeing all over his blankets and pillow. Dani was ready to be fed and had started to fuss.

I laughed, because at the point he was telling me about it, things were calm again. Jay was watching Veggie Tales, Dani was full and asleep and I had somehow luckily missed the whole adventure. I told him it was their way of breaking him into the parenthood of two children. The next morning held an interesting experience for the both of us that I will share in another post. I will tell you that things have been fairly calm since then, but we will see what happens when Micah gets off work tonight and Jay comes home from Nana's. It may be another interesting weekend!


  1. hah! well, I did kinda wonder when your mom mentioned a little something about it at school on Friday morning :) course we would never ever believe a story like that about Jason! ;)

  2. it's so funny how it all happens at once! i can call to check on things at the house and everything is fine and ten minutes later i get a SOS call!

    have a great weekend!!