Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On Mother's Day

As my best friend Amy said, this year I had my first "double" Mother's Day. It was a great but bittersweet day. While I was showered with love by my children, husband and parents, I couldn't help but remembering that this is my first Mother's Day without a grandmother. It's a strange feeling to realize that you are no one's grandchild anymore.

Bobbie (Micah's grandmother - you may remember my earlier post about her) is very sick. Back in January, I believe, the doctors gave her 5 weeks to live. She has definitely surpassed that but I know that her quality of life isn't what it once was. It amazes me to see how much she has aged in the last year. She is a shell of her former self and it breaks my heart, both for her and my husband. I know what it's like to lose a grandparent, but in Micah's case he's really losing his mother. Bobbie raised him and every day I can see her influence on him. He told me on Sunday that to him, Bobbie is his mother. It just doesn't seem fair and while I know that everyone has to go sometime, I wish Bobbie didn't have to go like this.

Dani was introduced to Micah's other grandmother for the first time on Mother's Day. His dad is just so in love with this little girl and he was so excited for us to come by Micah's grandmother's house so he could show her off to his whole family. It was the first time I had ever met Micah's dad's family, so it was a little strange for me but all in all a good day.

Speaking of Dani, I'll share a picture of my adorable daughter with you from our first Mother's Day together.

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