Thursday, March 11, 2010

On things I miss today...

Today has been off for me. This whole week has, in fact. I completely forgot to introduce you guys to someone on Tuesday. I apologize and promise to get back on track next week with my blogging. Right now I just have a big case of the missings. I'm sure it has to do with all these pregnancy hormones.

I miss my mamaw. I wish I could see her again. I wish I was still someone's granddaughter.

I miss Doug. I miss hearing the dirty things he would say. I miss seeing how happy Micah was to play with him.

I miss Nick. I miss our Thursday nights at BBW's. I miss him breaking my character in the Lego games. I miss him coming over to eat Doritos and give me crap about being Jewish. I hate that he is 4 hours away now.

I miss having a savings account and knowing that I always had the money to be any frivolous thing I wanted. Back then I didn't want things and now, for some reason, I do. I miss being unmaterialistic about things. I wish I didn't think I had to have that stupid apple patterened car sear. I wish not buying it didn't make me cry.

I miss having time to read books. I feel like I've gotten dumber in the last six months from my lack of reading.

I miss my husband working 40 hours a week and being home with me. I wish he didn't come home at 10 p.m. I wish he didn't have to have that stupid job with the great pay and insurance.

I miss living at home and seeing my parents all the time, even though it has been years since I lived there. I miss seeing my mom every day.  I miss having no worries.

I apologize if this was a downer. I'm just having a downward mood swing lately. Here's to a better next week!!


  1. we all have days/weeks like that. hang in there! it always gets have lots to look forward to...with or without the apple car seat! :) <3

  2. Hang in there friend! I hope that writing it all out at least made you feel better. I was feeling the same way at the beginning of the week....sometimes you feel like you are juggling so many things and then one thing falls and it all comes crashing down and makes you sad. It is okay to have sad days and process through your feelings. Hoping that tomorrow is a better day!

  3. It's okay, I find that writing entries like this helps me.

  4. Thanks for the comments recently. I actually did see your belly shots =)...I just didn't comment.

    As for some of those things, I can totally understand. Especially not having your husband around. My husband and I decided to skip out on the promotion (and the path that followed) because of that very reason. I would rather live tight and have Daddy home more. It can be a hard adjustment at first... I'll be praying for you today, that God will help you to see the beauty and joy today. I pray that prayer for me often lately too. (Pregnancy- it's got some downsides!)