Friday, October 1, 2010

Big news for our little family

I've had some really big news that I wanted to share, but we wanted to make sure our bases were covered here at home and no one would be finding out from my blog what our big news was before we had a chance to tell them.

So now, dear friends, I can share my news with you. We're moving! We have decided to sell our house and buy Bobbie's house. The work has already begun. We've got her house cleaned out. And this weekend the remodeling begins. Well, I guess it already began because my dear husband decided to demo the bathrooms last weekend before the dumpster left.

This weekend we will be re-doing the small bathroom and ripping up carpet to get to the original hardwood floors. And in classic Bobbie style, when I pulled up a corner of the carpet in each room to see the hardwood, it was in perfect condition.

As we travel on this new journey, I'm both happy and sad. Happy because my husband is going back to his childhood home to raise our family. Happy because I will have  a shorter commute to work and taking Jay to school. Sad because I have to paint again. And sad because even though we have outgrown this house, I love it dearly. This is the home where we spent our wedding night. This is the home where we brought our daughter home for the first time. And sad because I don't like change.

At the same time, I'm very excited to have almost double the square footage we have now. And for my kids to have a playroom so that they aren't stringing toys across my entire house. And super excited that I will have a sunroom that is not only bigger than the sunroom we have in this house (I swear it's as big as our living room, dining room and kitchen combined) but that it will be mine. My own little retreat, studio and office. The place where all of my pictures can finally come out of boxes and be displayed again. Yeah, I think that might be my favorite part!

I am planning to share pictures as we embark on this new adventure. I took pictures of what the house looked like with all of Bobbie's things in it, then I took pictures of the house empty and I'm really excited to share both of those and remodeled pictures with you very soon!

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