Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The world just lost a great lady

I haven't blogged in a month and lord, it has been a crazy month. Micah's grandmother, Bobbie, passed away almost a month ago. You may remember me talking about her before when she first got sick. That amazing lady, who was given 6 weeks to live at the first of the year, made it 8 long months. She was a fighter and honestly before the cancer got to her, she was probably the healthiest person I knew.

Micah always says that you can tell a person how amazing someone is and they will say, "Yeah, sure everyone says their grandmother is amazing." But Bobbie truly was. She was really one of the greatest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She raised my husband and she did an incredible job. Every day I see something of her in him. I told her more than once that I was so grateful for how she raised Micah and I hope with all my heart that she knew how much I appreciated the husband that she gave me. 

And she was such a regal lady. She was a class act. And honestly that's not something you see much today. I love this picture of Bobbie because she looks so dignified. I actually printed a copy just for her funeral boards because I love this picture of her. She reminds me of the queen mother. 

I wish I had scanned some of the older pictures we found of Bobbie while we were cleaning her house. I always thought that Bobbie was a pretty lady, but she was absolutely gorgeous when she was younger. Bobbie made Marilyn Monroe look plain. I am planning to scan all the old pictures to make a memory book sometime soon, so I will share someday.

The thing that breaks my heart the most is that my daughter will never have a Bobbie. I could see them having lunch and shopping for fancy little girl dresses. I could see them working on Bobbie's flowers together and sitting in her sunroom on a warm afternoon. Not every child is lucky enough to get a grandmother like Bobbie, I certainly wasn't, and it hurts me to know that my daughter will never have that amazing relationship.

The world truly lost a great lady. Bobbie touched so many lives and she has touched mine more deeply than I think she ever knew. 

There is much more going on around here and I promise to update you on all the exciting happenings in our life soon. I just don't want to take away from this post by sharing other things. I promise I won't be gone another month.

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  1. her eyes look like they are so full of life!!! what a great lady!!

    my kids won't get to meet my grandma until we get to heaven, can't wait!!!!