Monday, August 9, 2010

food for babies

So, Dr. C told me at Dani's 2 month check-up that she couldn't have food until we came back for her 4 month check. Easier said than done, Dr. C, easier said than done.

Dani decided a few weeks ago that maybe if she stared at Jay eating his yogurt cup long enough, she would get some. And she was right. I put a little on her lips and that baby went crazy licking it up! Well, I didn't want to keep giving her yogurt so the next day I got some baby bananas (organic, of course) and let her try those out. She didn't seem too interested, so I dropped it.

But last night, this baby was fussy and formula just didn't seem to be doing the trick. Half a stage 1 package of applesauce and a bottle later, she slept for 10 hours!! Tonight she finished off the other half of the container!

Now I am totally generally all about doing what the doctor tells me. When you have a 28 week preemie you learn to strictly follow medical advice. But in this case, I don't think I'm hurting anything. Right?

So tell me, mamas, when did you start letting your little ones eat real food. I'm curious to know since Jay was almost 3 before he could eat solids.


  1. we waited a long time because, as you know, i am crazy. but hurting her? no, not at all!

  2. I would have had no problem waiting, but she seems so interested in food that I hate to not give it to her!

  3. i waited a while too. every mama should listen to her instincts :)

  4. You do what's best for your kid. I don't think my kids really ate baby foods until like 6 months.