Sunday, August 8, 2010

big girl bath

After my mass of complaining the last few days, I figured I owed it to you guys to do a happy post!

The day Dani came home from the hospital, Micah and I put her in a baby tub on our dining room table and gave her a bath. She looked like a little tub toy in that thing, because she was so very tiny when we brought her home. So from then on, since Micah is still at work at bathtime, I decided to use a big rubbermaid bowl for her bath. It was the perfect size until recently, when her legs started hanging out of the side of the bowl and she looked very cramped.

So last weekend, I went to the store and brought home a fancy bath seat and Dani got to take her very first bath in our big tub!

She loved it and I was comfortable bathing her in it! And Micah did a pretty good job of taking some pictures for me.

She was a little shocked but we didn't have any screaming!

And Miss Dani Bean finally got to wear her new bathrobe from our friends David and Liz, who now live in California.

I'm so glad that Micah was home to experience this with us! He misses out on so much when he's working and this was definitely something I wanted him to be able to share. And if you're wondering, yes my hair is generally always in my face.