Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I don't, in fact, sit around eating bon bons all day

This will probably be a whole lot of randomness, since I don't think I have blogged in about a month. I'm sure you're wondering what has happened since the last time I had anything to say around here and the simple answer is, I went back to work.

Working at home has successfully zapped any ambition I ever had to write in my free time after doing it all day to earn a paycheck. By the time the papers are out, my house is littered with remains of Jay's super fun play time, the bottles need made, dinner needs served, baths need given and screaming, crabby children seem to have taken over the minds of my own darlings. In short, I haven't had time to blog and for that I feel guilty.

The best part about working at home is that I can do it in my pajamas with a baby in one arm and feeding Jay breakfast with the other. The worst part about working at home is that people for some reason think that I no longer work. And that means it's free reign for them on my already limited time to get things done in the day. Just because I work at home doesn't mean I'm not just as busy as I was when I still worked in the office. In fact, I'm more busy now because I'm tending two kids in the process.

But there are just some who seem to think I'm sitting around eating bon bons and watching the soaps all day. I think that every one of you stay-at-homes mom reading this will attest to the fact that is not what we do.

I have a rule. I don't work once my husband comes home at night. Because that is our time. I will admit there are times when an especially crabby baby day has caused me to break that rule because it is the only time I can get away from the screaming to actually concentrate.

It's hard not to let your work interfere with your home life when you're working at home. I think we've been pretty successful at keeping the two separate and I have to tell you that I'm loving spending every day home with my kiddos. I didn't miss these early years with Jay and I'm so glad to have a boss that will let me enjoy them with Dani, as well.

Now, I'm sure what you've been waiting for more than words from me is pictures of our growing Bean.

I promise to post more pictures of both the kiddos soon, but here's Dani to tide you over! Can you believe how big she's getting?

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  1. no wonder we haven't heard from you in 3 weeks!
    wow, you certainly have your hands full for sure!!
    she is getting big and staying adorable!