Thursday, March 25, 2010

On ducks

All I have to say today is, somebody get this kid a duck!!

Okay, that isn't really all I have to say. But how can you deny a face this cute a duck of his very own? How, Micah??

All of this to say, I want ducks. I wanted ducks when we lived on the farm and my dad said no. I want ducks now to live in the backyard and swim in our pool and Micah says no.

Micah says that you can't have ducks in the city. I say we live in the suburbs.

Micah says they would be in the pool all the time. I say that's the whole point. Why have a pool if you can't have ducks?

Micah says he thinks there are regulations on having animals in town and our neighbors would turn us in. I wonder if he's met our neighbors?

Micah says ducks poop a lot. I really have no argument for that, so that must be where he wins.


  1. Such a cute picture! It does make me want to get him one. Of course, then you would have to take care of it. Maybe I will leave that up to you. :)
    I love ducks! We used to live in a complex that had ducks everywhere. Each spring there were tons and tons of baby ducks. It was so fun to go out with my daughter and feed them every day. I am planning on taking all of the kids back there to see them next month!

  2. Oh my goodness, look what a handsome little man you have!!! How fun!