Friday, February 5, 2010

On random things

This is really just a bunch of junk that doesn't deserve deserve a dedicated blog entry, but I feel like telling my adoring public (yes, that is said completely tongue in cheek).

Have I told you:

I turned 30 last month? My wonderful husband took me to Tiffany & Co. and let me choose whatever I wanted, within reason. I got a lovely white gold eternity band that says, "I love you" in cursive script. I really just wanted the little blue box.

Upon turning 30, I realized that I would be the same age when Bean is born that my father was when I was born. Which means when she is my age, I'll be 60. Scary stuff.

I have a strange fascination with Sebastian Bach. I have absolutely no idea why, because I am not an 80's hair metal kinda girl. Maybe it's the fact that he hasn't aged since I was a kid?

I almost killed an ultrasound tech last week. This crazy woman decided to ask me what due date we were going with for Bean. I told her May 18th. She asked if I was sure. I said, pretty darn since I've written my cycles down religiously for years. Is she too small? The tech says she isn't sure she has to transfer the numbers. Then asks me when I started having problems with Jay. After confirmation from my specialist and regular Dr., everything is fine and Bean is growing on schedule.

I finally broke down and bought the Eddie Bauer bassinet I've been obsessing over since I saw it last year. Babies r Us put it on clearance and then gave me a 15% off any bassinet coupon! It came today and I can't wait for Micah to put it together tomorrow!

It took me months to realize that Bean's due date is also our 3 year dating anniversary. Crazy coincidence, huh?

I know there was more on my mind earlier, but I can't remember any of it now. Maybe a part 2 will come once my pregnant brain starts working again.

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  1. glad to hear from you...wondering how you've been feeling.
    good for you for getting that bassinet!!