Monday, September 28, 2009

On May 18th

I had my first OB appointment today, and all was well.  I got my due date and had a lovely cervical exam while my husband stood by my head.  Micah and I both thought the Dr. would have him leave the room, but I'm guessing she thought he'd already seen my down there and it shouldn't bother him.

I asked him on the way home if the blanket covered everything and he informed me that he didn't know, he was looking away the entire time.  That's love.  Honestly, as much as I love my husband, I just don't need him to be right in the thick of my pap.

I did have to get a flu shot today, which I wasn't thrilled about.  I'm not big on shots and introducing foreign stuff into my body like that.  I've never let Jay have a flu shot for that very reason and I feel like I shouldn't have done it either.  And when I was leaving, the Medical Assistant informed me that I would be getting the H1N1 vaccine next month.  Yay, me!

I don't go back for another six weeks, and Dr. Cox said that on that appointment we'll get to hear Bean's heartbeat!!  I'm so excited for Micah to experience that because I remember how awesome it was to hear Jay's at my first appointment.  And the Dr. was super about not doing a lot of unnecessary stuff before our insurance open enrollment in January.  She has always been great about letting me slide on some stuff that isn't necessary since I lost my insurance last year.

Here's hoping the Bean stays happy and healthy!!

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