Monday, March 1, 2010

On those pesky blank walls

You may remember that a week or two back I posted some walls in my house. All but one of those walls was covered in either my own photography or paintings. If you don't remember, here is what the walls above Bean's crib looked like.

This weekend my best friend came into town to do some wedding shopping. She drove four hours just for me to go wedding shopping with her, she's such a good best friend. Ok, she and her fiance may have also come home because he's from here and his entire family lives here but I'm going to stick with my belief that she came home only so I would go shopping with her.

We went to Hobby Lobby to find some DIY supplies and I ended up finding things for Bean's wall! She's such a good best friend that she didn't mind that I was baby shopping during her time!

Now, Bean's walls look like this:

I'm thinking she needs a shelf under the "Wish Upon A Star" sign, which is why I had Micah hang it up so high. If you're wondering, the reason she only has 2 walls is because the other side of the room belongs to Jay. I'll post the pictures of his side as soon as I get one last thing finished.

Just in case you're curious, Bean's closet has grown exponentially in the last few weeks. And I won't make you wonder how much, I'll show you!

Just ten more weeks and Bean will be here to enjoy all of this!! I can't wait to meet her!

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