Friday, February 12, 2010

On why I love my husband

With Valentine's Day looming near(my favorite holiday EVER!), I have been thinking about all the reasons I love my husband.  I thought I would share that list and some pictures from our journey over the last few years with you today.

He accepted my son as his own. He has never referred to himself as a step-dad or Jay as a step-son. He is Daddy and Jay is his son.

He watched 7 seasons of The Gilmore Girls with me without complaining.

He never laughs at me, no matter how many times I watch The Phantom Menace and cry when Qui Gon dies.

He stops and gets me Rally fries and a chocolate shake after he's been gone for 8 hours playing with Surrender Dorothy.

He is the most amazing bass player I've ever heard. He can make me cry playing certain songs and taking crazy bass solos in Cocaine.

He decided we were ready to have a baby, even though he wasn't really ready, because he knew how badly I wanted to be a mommy again.

He puts up with all the crazy pictures I take, because he understands my passion for photography. (as a note, I took that last picture myself and it's my favorite picture of us.)

He washes the dishes because he knows how much I hate it.

He brings me flowers for silly things like buying him a new bass or finding out I'm having his baby.

He's pretty much the most amazing man I've ever met and I couldn't imagine my life without his smiling face. Plus, he puts up with my crap and my crazy hippy-dippy ways.

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