Monday, January 11, 2010

On babies and their gender

I had my ultrasound last Tuesday. Little Bean decided to show it's gender, unlike that stubborn older brother known as Jay, who waited until I had an ultrasound 3 hours before his birth to announce his gender.

Unfortunately, I have this crazy idea that I don't want to tell anyone our babies gender since we've already shared the names we've chosen for Bean. (Liam Douglas or Dani Marie, if you were wondering) I think it will be more of a surprise and a treat for Micah if he gets to announce "It's a boy" or "It's a girl."

So I can't tell you, dear blog readers. But I could show you the high chair we bought yesterday, the front of my kids bedroom closet and the pile of things I bought yesterday which includes Bean's outfit for the wedding of my two best friends this fall. Then I wouldn't be telling but if you figured it out on your own...well, I wouldn't have told you.

The high chair that perfectly matches my oops can purple wall.

Yeah, Bean already has a lot of clothes.

The polka dotted outfit is for Amy and Nick's wedding. It matches their wedding decor perfectly.


  1. hmmm..i'm it a boy or a girl? hee hee. congrats!!!
    cute fun getting girly things!

  2. very mysterious ;)

    i wanted a boy but ii have to say, the girl side of the clothing store looks WAY more fun.

    I dig your new header! Wonderful picture.