Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On that horrible American Idol

For some time now, I have been beyond annoyed and angry at this whole American Idol phenomenon. It's just really stupid and pointless to me. You don't have enough ambition to play in crapholes for free to get yourself noticed as a singer, but you have no problem covering a few old songs on television every week and becoming an overnight celebrity. I think that shows like this are a real disservice to the music community.

I have and always will have a huge problem with American Idol. I have a very dear friend who is an immensely talented singer/songwriter/musician, but will she ever make it on American Idol? No, because she doesn't look like Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson. It's that simple. It doesn't matter how talented she is, she isn't a size 0 Barbie doll so she will never have the opportunities that these girls do. In my opinion, that is crap. The average woman does not look like these girls who are plastered all over American Idol and the rest of the celebrity world, but we are forced to look at them and then feel like we have to reach these impossible standards of "beauty."

My main issue with American Idol, however, isn't the way the contestants look. My problem is that real artists wouldn't have a shot on this show. These people come out and put their own stink on a great song. They don't sing original material. The don't play in a band. They are simply cover singers, which does not make a real musical artist in my estimation.

My other problem, today at least, is all this crap I'm hearing about Adam Lambert. For the record, I don't dislike him because he's gay. Some of my very best friends are lesbians so please don't accuse me of gay bashing in my blog. I think he tries to make himself into a cheap George Michael rip-off. I personally love George Michael, but his heir this boy is not. His singing leaves so much to be desired and I was disgusted recently when a co-worker made me listen to him butcher both The Rolling Stones and Johnny Cash. There is covering and then there is turning a great song into crap. Congratulations, Mr. Lambert you make worse cover crap than Axl Rose (and that's saying a lot for me considering he butchered my 2 favorite Stones songs.)

Thank goodness I have never had to set through even 30 seconds of the drivel that is American Idol. I have much better things to do with my time than talk last night's Idol around the water cooler. (you know, like write stupid blogs about how much I hate the idea of such a show.)

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    Anyways, thanks for stopping by and it's nice to meet you! :)